Hi, my name is Anna and I’m the Chief Visionary Officer at SMITH Jewellery. I design jewellery that is inspired by my travels, the people I meet and the natural world around me. I like to create jewels that tell a story, that are unique and that I would like to wear myself. Each piece is made by hand, ensuring that every piece is unique. My jewels are made out of yellow/white gold, platinum, sterling silver, a variety of stones, as well as brass & copper.

Although most of my collections are for women, I also design jewellery for men which include cufflinks, tie pins, lapel pins, money clips and rings. In addition to my everyday collections, I also offer my clients the opportunity to design their own jewels with me. I really enjoy working with you to create your special engagement/wedding ring, a redesign of an heirloom jewel or just something for a special occasion. So please contact me with your request here.


“You are unique, your jewellery should be too.”


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