How to Find your Ring Size

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  • Once you know what style ring you want to buy and are comfortable with your budget, you have to handle the most basic question – what size ring do you get? You obviously don’t want it to be too small so that she can’t put it on immediately, but you also don’t want it to be too big and risk it falling off before being sized properly.

    So how do you get it right? Here are three basic tricks we’ve learned along the way…

    One day when she is out, measure the inside diameter of one of her rings. When you get to the jewellery store they can work out what her ring size is from that measurement.

    While she is sleeping, you could measure with a piece of string around her finger (but make sure it’s not too tight or loose) and give that measurement to a jeweller so they can determine her ring size. This option is the least accurate as she might have large knuckles and subsequently need a larger size ring.

    Download and print a ring sizer from a jewellery store or request for one from us and match it up to a ring in her jewellery box.


    If she knows you are in the market for a ring, just ask her. That way, there are no questions about what’s right or wrong.

    If you already know her ring size but are unsure what the South African version is, please see this international size conversion chart. South Africa works on the same sizes as the UK.

    Plus, here’s a big hint! Most jewellers will recommend that if her left hand is her non-dominant hand, you buy a smaller size engagement ring (generally about a ¼ size smaller) than the ring size she wears on her right hand.

    No matter what, within a few days of popping the question, take her into the jewellery store you purchased her ring from and have a professional check the sizing. You will both feel a lot better that way!